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Because I often am asked what my background was and what I did at the University Twente I decided to use a part of my Internet site to give some of the answers to these questions.


First some personal statistics: born 25 July 1927 in Rotterdam, attended primary and secondary school there and obtained my diploma of the "5-jarige HBS - B" in 1944. Because all Universities were closed due to the second World War I had to wait until June 1945 before I could start my study in chemistry at the University of Leyden. I obtained my Master's degree in april 1951 and married in may 1952.

Because of budget problems (also then!) I couldn't get a paid position at the University and found a job as Research Chemist at the Laboratory for Materials Research of Werkspoor Amsterdam on 1 October 1952. Although my primary task was the investigation of electrochemical corrosion of metals I soon became involved in many other problems with a chemical side to it as I was the only chemist in the whole company (10000 employees at that time). So I worked on methods of flaw detection in metals with ultrasound, magnetic fields and X-rays, on problems of lubrication, on the chemical analysis of metals and alloys, lubricants, solutions for pickling, etching and electroplating, on thermodynamics of metal slag and metal gas reactions, to mention the most important ones. This had the disadvantage that I could often not go into any depth but the advantage that I obtained a broad view and knowledge of applied chemistry.

I also got some teaching experience by giving some evening courses for the Dutch Materials Knowledge Foundation on Corrosion and Corrosion Protection and on Chemistry for people working in the Metals industry who had no previous schooling in that field.

Fortunately I still could find time to delve more deeply into electrochemical kinetics and obtained my PhD degree at the University of Amsterdam with a thesis : "Theoretical Considerations on the Kinetics of Electrode Reactions", with the late prof.dr. G.J. Hoytink as supervisor in May 1963.

Shortly after that I was invited to come to the University of Twente (then called: Technische Hogeschool Twente) as professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Materials Science and I was appointed there to start on 1 January 1964.

In 1965 I presented my inaugural lecture "Beweging in Sructuren" or Movement in Structures and the (Dutch) text is given in this file.

An important duty was of course education and a list of all students who obtained their master's degree working in our group is found here.

Over the years I taught a number of courses: Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry, Corrosion and Corrosion Protection, Kinetics and Catalysis, General Materials Science, Mechanisms of Inorganic Reactions. the Inorganic part of a course on Industrially Applied Chemistry and a number of electives for master's degree students.

In the course of my work in the University I also presented the "Dies-lecture", i.e. a lecture by one of the professors of the University on the occasion of the birthday celebration of the University, the title was "Snel or Langzaam" (Fast or Slow) and the (Dutch) text can be found here.

During this time I also was supervisor (or co-supervisor) for 16 PhD-students and the titles of their dissertations can be found in this list where it is seen that the last three obtained their degree after my retirement.

I was many times invited to act as member of PhD-examination committees and the complete list of these is given here and in this case also this continued after my retirement.

I stayed at the University of Twente until I reached my retirement age in 1992 when I gave my valedictory lecture, Dutch title "Beweging in Getallen" (in English "Motion in Numbers") of which te text (unfortunately at the time only available in Dutch) can be found here. I kept a number of activities there and in particular I regularly act as Chairman (replacing the Rector magnificus) in the public sessions of PhD-examination committees.

Together with Henny Bouwmeester I acted as editor for the "CRC Handbook of Solid State Electrochemistry" which appeared in 1997.

My last "real" scientific activity was the invited lecture I presented at the 4th Sabatierconference On Oxidation Catalysis in Strasbourg 1999 which was published in Catalysis Today, 58 (2000) 1 and of which the text can be found as a pdf-file here and the powerpoint presentation is given here

As part of my professional activities I always remained interested in the application of mathematics but this was also a hobby which resulted in a number of papers published in the journal Blaise, dedicated in particular to programming in Pascal and later in Delphi and a list of these is given here.

Aside from my professional activities I have always been an avid photographer, starting in earnest during my student days in 1948 with a Leica IIIf with one objective (f = 5 cm) and finally coming to my present camera, a Konica Minolta Dynax7d, a digital camera with a number of objectives. The other pages of this site show many results of my recent photographic acitivities.

Another long-time hobby has been model building, first of trains of which a small example here: a Wismar railbus as in use now with the Museum Railway MBS in Haaksbergen:

which, apart from the passengers, wheels and motor has been completely schratch built. Also scratch built is one of my most recent models of the Gallia, a Swiss paddle steamer still in use on the "Vierwaldstättersee" near Luzern:


Some attention to my work on corrosion can be found on this page.


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